At Soyisa Consultancy we believe in client growth and maturity.

Our Vision

  • To impart knowledge and to reproduce world class quality of learners to the best of our ability.

Our Mission

  • To meet our diversified clients’ need by providing professional psychological, hospitality and tourism services which add significant benefits to their functioning and provide fair reward and opportunities for our people.
  • To provide the best possible service to the highest possible standards.
  • To remain relevant in a changing environment.
  • To assist our people reach their potential by providing a range of quality support services.
  • To contribute to the upliftment and empowerment of clients and influence the spirit of wellness to be health viable.
  • To facilitate clients’ desirable psychological adjustment, growth and maturity.
  • To optimise the clients’ organisational well-being and effectiveness.
  • To contribute to the development of and maintenance of culture of learning, by ensuring that we add value to the lives of our people to optimise people’s potential to obtain excellent quality of life.